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PFK support collaboration skateboard Honda & Sergej

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PFK support collaboration skateboard Honda & Sergej Vutuc

This is last piece of collaboration board based on cuting board one side honda other me and then fast drawing memories feeling.
PFK and Honda on that tour give me some boards as support to sell them on other shows to coverage some coast of my touring japan.

PFK, is for me like one of outstanding examples that other world is possible. You can't just point on Fugazi and I am happy to had chance through my tours to meet some of those people and share live making each other stronger.
Tjis piece of wood I always want keep as memories have feeling need to go to other home memories and bring some help to PFK back.

If tou didnt hear stoy, PFK skateboard support center need to be closed all concrete removed but as you can imagen truly dreamers one end is just other begining
PFK and Honda are planing to buy land and be free of many issues....

Thank you!
With Love,