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FEEDING BACK THE PRINT / Edition Recreo 2/14, Sergej Vutuc


Edition 2/14
Edition Recreo, Valencia 2023,
Sergej Vutuc

Created during performance at Recreo / Institut Valencia D´Art Modern, 21.10.2023
Edition of 14
unique recomposed performance sheets
Page number - impro
Size: ca 27,5 x 29,5cm closed
More images on https://sergejvutuc.com/recreo-artbook-fair/
« Bass guitar and copy machine feeding an room with waves of machine signals and vibrations, leaving traces of moment in print whilst initiating an audience to personal realization via self-publication ».
The feedback is in the vibrations in between the guitar and the scanner resonating as far in space as onto paper, echo’d by the now observable process from improvisation to materialization, transmission to interaction, cause to effect, impulse to wavelength, singular to collective; with the input levels of participation dictating the build up into one unified trance beat of creative frenzy.
Opening and closing the circle, spectators witness themselves becoming actors, experimenters turn authors - bound by the momentary sharing of their energy, and the permanent reward of knowledge as well as the crystallization of their experience thus far into object form.