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TRANSMETTRE, PUTOVANJE, PROLAZITI, SLIKE - Sergej Vutuc, Leonard Zoe Laszlo, Maycec

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Sergej Vutuc, Leonard Zoe Laszlo, Maycec

56 pages, 6 different papers, obi
10inch white vinyl
stencil duplicator, silkscreen
Closed publication 270x350
Open publication 1250x270
Printed and binded at We Make It, Berlin
Edition of 150

"Generation is the true theme of « TRANSMETTRE »; be it the one of new shapes within an adjusting or forming living body, of fresh energy desperately injected into otherwise degenerated social landscapes, or of sounds from the human pulse as life either finds its inception or insists on running its course. One always resulting from the other, echoing the meeting of two parents; loops and dualities referenced by the disposition and meeting of the images here, themselves the result of impressionistic exploitation of Super 8 and 35 mm film serving as more or less opaque layers filtering, then bleeding raw information out of their very patterns, cascading from each original side onto paper pages of varying levels of tangibility. Some frames expand further from personal anguish and into urgent global concerns, such as the opening and yet persisting representation of melting glaciers in Patagonia; repetition in general is used for persistent emphasis on a certain state of alert, and the fallible legitimacy of photography as a representation technique is again utilized to address the importance of personal perspective. Both ends of the book.are laid out to converge in a deep center and materialize in vinyl record form: an object revealed to its own existence as if the true binding of the self-contained universe."
Aymeric Nocus
10inch white vinyl
A - Passage intérieur 8’19”
B - Le Secret 11’17”
Arrangement + composition by Maycec
In utero: Leonard Zoe Laszlo
Recordings + live "composition for inside, out": Sergej Vutuc
Mastering: Snapcut Studio
Vinyl Mastering: C-drik

A collection of literal tracks into the spiritual forest of secret; imprints and documented markings of individuals reacting to life and its endurance as early as inception with no choice about uncertainty, but positively strong of their presence. Sound was captured and utilized for emphasis on particularly strong sessions of natural expression and communication, but also existential reflection and perspective expansion intrinsically entrapped within a being per se; the beauty of creation and also the responsibility of it, both within and in social settings. « TRANSMETTRE » is personal to the intimate, vibrates the heat of heartbeat-levels of fundamental movement throughout otherwise cold man-made machinery, and exists as a capsule of natural energies that insist to meet.
Aymeric Nocus