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WARP, unroll izvitoperiti - Sergej Vutuc


WARP, unroll izvitoperiti
Sergej Vutuc

28 pages - 15,5x23,7cm
copymachine, sewing, handwritting, metalic paper
Selfpublished, 2024 Paris Edition of 100

"WARP, unroll izvitoperiti" captures and transfigures the natural reaction of 16mm film and chemicals to heat; fifty-five centimeters worth of information projecting their emulsion onto the reflecting silver of metallic paper upon bucket processing, resulting in a fusion that challenges the traditional use of each medium and redefines the nature of the relationship between light and the eye of the observer. Detail starts showing its uncertainty as fragments enfeeble, all the while patching wounds with cold mirrors and claiming the veracity of a precisely frozen, suspended image that is honest of the traces of its manipulation. Every step of the creation process having marked the unique design onto iron-reminiscent backgrounds, matters of originality and temporality also can be raised. Every drop, block or trace is a hint to a larger picture which only can be complete when contextualized within events, temperatures and colors that happen in the now; "WARP, unroll izvitoperiti" evokes insistence past the troubles of inception, and persistence through the current.

Aymeric Nocus

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