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25:00 Maycec & Sergej Vutuc

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Maycec & Sergej Vutuc

5 publications - 1 tape ( 25:00 & 16.41)
edition of 50
created risoprinted at frans masereel centrum
design: maycec
sound: sergej vutuc
sound mastering: snapcut studio

Price: 20,00 euro


"one single definition of noise in music is not possible."
Torben Sangild

25:00 is a collaborative exploration work of two artists Maycec and Sergej Vutuc.
This project is based on the relationship between experimental sound and visual, transcribed in five publications and an audio tape.
This proposal observes the industrial and noisy musical movement according to the manifesto "L’Arte dei Rumori" from the Futurist artist Luigi Russolo in order to open the vision of sound as an artistic medium.
Sergej Vutuc repeats, distorts, transposes a sonorous reality, playing with the surrondings and offering a structured and atmospheric musical form blended by chaos.
From this experimentation of sounds have been created five issues by Maycec in A5 format, printed in Riso. Each one following a specific time from the recording.
The question is how to appropriate these sound layers through the image, especially by mixing photography, graphic design and collage to compose with the noise aesthetic; this aesthetic related to Dadaism, Futurism and Fluxus art movements.
This proposal has been created recorded printed at Frans Masereel Centrum,
mastering by Snapcut Studio