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Tankstelle - Two artist prints, Sergej Vutuc


Tankstelle - Two artist print Sergej Vutuc
Special edition of 2 same number prints with vimeo code for super8 film
29,7x42 cm
Edition of 20
Printed by We Make it in Berlin

Tankstelle embodies some of Vutuc main points of interest in regards to the hypertrophic evolution of contemporary society: on the one hand, the cementation and privatization of natural and public spaces; on the other hand, the subversive yet playful re-appropriation of such spaces in both physical and symbolic terms.
Christian Hemmer, Lukas Garbaciauskas, Paulo Borquez,
Carolina Gamboa Marguez, Palermo, Dor Braver, Max Alexander Schofer,
Julian Thyssen

Soundtrack: Sergej Vutuc
Sound recording mastered by Vadim Mühlberg
Super8 film transfer Jo Peters
contrast computer help Lita Bosch