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Roundabout filmer / photographer series SPECIAL SET 8 - Edition (Riso)print

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ROUNDABOUT filmer / photographer series SPECIAL SET - Edition (Riso)print
Sergej Vutuc

29,7x42 cm
White edge: 0,5 cm
8 Set Prints with same number
Total edition of 10
Made for occasions of film festival exhibition at Nozbone, Paris
Printed by We Make it in Berlin
Shipping incl tracking number

Set 8:
Ben Gore
Colin Read
Francisco Saco
Katsumi Minami
Isaac Watamaniuk
Takahiro Morita
Zach Chamberlin


Originally an initiative organized in Berlin since 2017 under a more classic, less itinerant skate festival form, its success (notably warranted by an always meticulously curated program) eventually drove Sergej Vutuc to push the concept to evolve and as of recently, Roundabout now just pops up here and there at the pace of Sergej’s frequent trips and various stays all over the planet; marking just as many opportunities to catch up with the varied works of skate filmmakers, photographers and artists with a wide range of backgrounds, with an accent on the quality of the presentations - as to offer an alternative to the commonly rushed standards set by an industry founded on instantaneous consumption.

Aymeric Nocus / Live Skateboard Media

Some of film makers show their works in last years:
Evisen Skateboards, Flanntes, Josh Roberts, Takahiro Morita, Carmen Benito, Yassine Jalal - unknwnltd , Tomaz Santl, Josh Stewart, Nikola Racan, Sarah Willmeroth , Malacca, Colin Read, OWL Skateboards, RIOS Crew, Leon washere, Christian Hemmer, Romain Batard, Francisco Saco, Marie Dabbadie - Unity Skateboards, Zach Chamberlin, Deep Dish, Absurd, Six stairs, Delivery Buenos Aires and many more